Washing Machine Problems

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Septic Info Washing Machine Problems

Lint LUV-R realizes that the average household washing machine is the greatest threat to your septic system for several reasons:


Washing machines use LOTS of water

Washing machines use 30 – 60+ gallons of water per wash load. On a typical wash day, you can easily fill over half of your septic tank with laundry waste water in a few hours. Lots of water = lots of lint and fibers entering your septic system. Even though toilets use more water on a daily basis, they only discharge a few litres per flush.


Washing machines create LOTS of lint and material fibers

Lint is not just in your dryer. The agitation of washing machines creates tremendous amounts of lint and material fibers. The more lint, the more time required for it to breakdown in your septic system, and the more likely your septic field will be contaminated with untreated waste solids. Lint causes damage throughout septic systems, most notably in the drain field where it plugs up the pores of the soil bed and causes system failure..


Synthetic fibers do NOT biodegrade

Most of today's clothing and carpeting is made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and rayon. Septic systems are not designed to handle synthetic fibers. Synthetics float in septic tanks and easily build up, causing blockages and back-ups. Once non-organic fibers enter the drain field and begin to plug up pores, there is no practical way to remove them. Often, system failure is the result of synthetic accumulation.
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Prevention really is the best solution

By filtering out lint and fibers, Lint LUV-R reduces the possibility of flooding, system failure and expensive remediation costs caused by sewage back-ups. Septic system replacement can exceed $20,000. Protect your investment and remove lint from your washing machine discharge before it clogs up your septic system.


Even if you are not on a septic system, lint can block your sewage drains. Back-ups are expensive – and messy!

LINT-LUV-R filters are promoted by Clean Nova Scotia and recommended by Nova Scotia Department of the Environment.