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The MicroPlastics LUV-R is our newest product. It captures microfibers, protects the environment and your family's health.

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  • Note: the wall mount does NOT come included when you buy a filter kit. It is only required when you do not have a shelf or cabinet to mount the filter to the underside.
  • 87% initial efficiency capture of micro plastic fibers. 100% at saturation of filter.
  • Dynamic filtering action.
  • Becomes more efficient as fibers collect on the screen.
  • Will not allow microfibers to bypass.
  • Requires cleaning every 2 to 3 loads of laundry.
  • No need to buy replacement filters simply clean and reuse - best value on the market as a result.
  • Screen out synthetic microplastic particulates that contaminate groundwater and marine ecosystems
  • Protect your septic system from expensive & inconvenient blockages, back-ups and failure
  • Prevent septic and sewage pumps from failing prematurely
  • Avoid blocking drainpipes with lint build-up from washing machine discharge
  • Filter solids from greywater reclamation systems
  • Reusable optimum filter.


About the MicroPlastics LUV-R Filter


MicroPlastics LUV-R prevents septic system failure by removing lint and untreatable synthetic solids from washing machine discharge. The filter easily mounts under a cabinet or shelf, or to a wall, next to the washing machine. The washing machine discharge hose adapts to the inlet port of the MicroPlastics LUV-R. Discharge passes through the filter to the outlet port, leaving behind lint on the outside of the screen. A hose directs the filtered discharge from the outlet port into the washing machine drainpipe and on to the septic system. The clear filter bowl and drain hose allow you to see the filter in operation.


Once the filter bowl is visually obstructed by lint, it's time for cleaning. Cleaning is necessary every 2 - 3 loads of laundry. The filter bowl is easily lowered with a 1/8th counterclockwise turn. The stainless steel screen can then be lowered from the housing and removed from the filter bowl. Lint is removed from the outside of the screen and discarded. Once everything has been wiped clean, the screen can be placed back into the filter bowl, raised to the housing and pushed back into place. Rotate the bowl 1/8th turn clockwise and it will lock into place – a lock indicator mark shows that you've got it properly in place.




  • Made of stainless steel mesh with hole diameters of 150 micron or 0.006 inches.
  • Back pressure is less than 5 lbs per square inch after a week of average usage.
  • Filter action is dynamic, meaning that as the filter collects lint, it becomes more efficient. The trapped lint acts as a filter itself.
  • Requires cleaning after 2- 3 loads of laundry.


Filter bowl and hoses

  • Clear for visibility.
  • Back pressure is less than 5 lbs per square inch after a week of average usage.


Inlet and outlet ports

  • 1-inch diameter with hose barb connections.



Plastics LUV-R comes in a kit with:

  • 3 feet of 1-inch hose
  • 3 stainless steel clamps
  • 1-inch hose connector
  • 2 U-shaped clamps
  • screws for mounting
  • installation instructions
  • helpful tips



  • Approximately 16 – 18 inches above the washing machine, under a shelf or cabinet.
  • Optional angle-mounting bracket is available for mounting on a wall if a shelf or cabinet is not present near the washing machine.



  • Overall length = 12.75 inches
  • Overall width including fittings = 10 inches
  • Filter Bowl Diameter = 3.25 inches
  • Top Mounting Housing = 5 inches square

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