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7500+ Lint LUV-R filters shipped worldwide!

Individuals & businesses have been using our products for over 15 years. They are used in: homes, laundromats, veterinarian hospitals, medical and dental clinics, hair salons, campgrounds, cruise ships and fishing vessels.

Our filters are actively being used in many countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Iceland, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands.

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product LINT LUV R


Prevents plumbing, septic and greywater system blockages.
65% initial efficiency capture of microfibers, 100% at saturation.
Reusable economical choice.
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product Plastics


Prevents contamination of marine environments. 87% initial efficiency capture of microfibers, 100% at saturation. Reusable optimum filter.
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product meshbag

Mesh Cleaning Bag

Reusable cleaning aid. Prevents fibers from escaping while water drains out of filter.
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product bracket

Wall Mount

Mount anywhere kit. Sturdy aluminum. Required when no shelf or cabinet present.
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How To Videos

We have created several videos to help you with the assembly, installation and cleaning of your LINT-LUV-R and Plastics-LUV-R filters. More product videos can be seen here.

Assemble Video

This video explains how to assemble your filter.

Install Video

This video explains how to install your filter.

Cleaning Video

This video explains how to clean your filter.

A Sample Of Our Most Frequent Asked Questions

More FAQ's are listed here. If you need further information please contact us @ info@environmentalenhancements.com.

If you don’t clean the Lint LUV-R you will likely experience the following: newer machines will likely stop with flow faults or errors or you will need to run another spin cycle because your washing machine will not have enough time to pump out all of the water during the regular cycle. A true sign is that your clothes will be excessively wet after the wash cycle and they will take much longer to dry.

The Lint LUV-R does not have a bypass as it defeats the purpose of the filter – Lint LUV-R is designed to handle any increase in pressure and will never let lint into your septic system, even if you forget to clean it.

The back pressure is very minimal (about 2 lbs per square inch) while operating. I used my filter on my original top load machine for 12 years without any issues. The front load machines use less water and therefore do not need to flow as much water out of the machine. A washing machine costs far less to replace than a septic system. If you clean the filter at least once a month you shouldn't have any issues with the longevity of your machine.

“Many thanks for sending me your filter system.  I have to say this is an outstanding product. It is beautifully made, easy to install and use, and I anticipate it will save me a small fortune by avoiding an unnecessary weeping field replacement.  I am also very impressed by your trusting approach to business.”
Michael H. (Quebec, Canada)
“Wow, I can't believe the amount of lint your filter removes. And removal and cleaning is a snap. A quality engineered product. Thank you, sure glad I bought your product and not some of the other stuff out there.”
Bob M. (Colorado, USA)
“Just want to say that your lint filter does exactly as you say it does. We've had this for over a year now, and there aren't any problems with it at all. The filter cleans easily, and does a great job of keeping the lint out of the septic system. We highly recommend this product.”
Mr. & Mrs. W. (Wisconsin, USA)
“We bought Lint LUV-R Machine Discharge Filter from you two years ago. We are very happy with the filter. It works very efficiently. The filter is very sturdy and very easy to use. My husband is an electrical engineer. He is very impressed with the design and the work of the filter. It traps all lint from clothes. Before Lint LUV-R, I had sewage blockage which was very expensive. This product is worth every penny.”
Aruna P. (Maryland, USA)