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About Grey Water

Grey water is water that has been used for washing dishes, laundering clothes, or bathing. Essentially, any water, other than toilet wastes, draining from a household is grey water. Although this used water may contain grease, food particles, hair, and any number of other impurities, it may still be suitable for reuse. Reusing grey water serves two purposes: it reduces the amount of freshwater needed to supply a household, and reduces the amount of waste water entering  sewer or septic systems.

  • The amount and quality of grey water will in part determine how it can be reused. Irrigation and toilet flushing are two common uses, but nearly any non-contact use is a possibility.
  • Grey water is suitable for irrigating lawns, trees, ornamentals, and  food crops


Advantages of using Grey Water

One of the biggest benefits of using grey water is the reduction in water demand from your municipality, well, or whatever water supply you draw water from.  The whole concept behind grey water use is to reuse water that was already used once for bathing or washing your clothes and to use it again for applications that don’t require potable (suitable for drinking) water.

One of the other benefits of a grey water recycling system is that not only can it reduce your water supply demand but since you are reusing the water for more than one application you will also recognize a reduction in sewage/septic wastewater.  This might not seem important to you but if you have a septic system and you can reduce the load on that system it may mean added years of service and ultimately savings in your pocket.  If you don’t have a septic system you may think that there really isn’t any benefit to you.  We’ll, most areas not only charge you for the water you use, but they also charge you for the sewage you generate.  So, by reducing your water usage, and subsequently reducing your sewage you are saving money too.

Treating water involves many electrical pieces of equipment and treatment technologies.  So, by reducing the water we use and sewage outflows we are in essence saving energy by reducing the water that needs to be treated and pumped to our homes.

The purpose of the Lint Luv-R in recycling Grey Water:

  • The lint filter can be placed in the drain line leading to the grey water tank and used to capture any particles such as hair, debris, food particles, etc. that are unwanted in this reclaim system.
  • A shut off valve is placed inline before and after the filter to isolate it when cleaning the filter is necessary.