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Is required when you do not have a shelf or cabinet to mount the filter to the underside.

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wall mount
  • Note: this wall mount does NOT come included when you buy a filter kit.
  • It is an angle plate made from sturdy aluminum with pre-drilled holes designed to custom fit the Lint Luv-R's.
  • It comes with drywall anchor and screws for securing it to the wall, machine screws and nuts for securing the filter to the plate.
  • The filter can be pre mounted on the plate before securing it to the wall by placing the short angle upwards with the 4 T- shaped screw holes. This leaves the securing holes open for attaching to the wall using the drywall anchors and wood screws.
  • If overhead space is tight then you can attached the plate to the wall first by placing the short angle downwards with the 4 T- shaped screw holes. The filter then gets secured to the long side of the plate using the 4 machine screws and nuts.
  • If possible use a stud finder and try to find a wall stud close to where you plan to mount the filter to the wall. Align the two center pre drilled holes over the stud and attach using the 1 inch wood screws. If this is not possible then try to align one of the two holes near the outside edges of the plate so that the plate can be secured to the stud with at least one screw. Drywall anchors will need to be used for securing the other two holes in the plate.
  • Drywall anchors can be used for all three holes and they will securely hold the filter. Please note drywall anchors need to be marked out using the angle plate and a level first. The anchors are then inserted to the drywall and then the angle plate attached by screwing the 3- 1 inch wood screws into the anchors.
  • Dimensions: 6 5/8 inches (17cm) x 5 inches (13cm) x 3 inches (8cm)

Order a Wall Mount