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Ensia - An independent, nonprofit magazine

What will it take to get plastics out of the ocean? From drones to filters to artificial islands, innovators like Blair Jollimore are working to reduce the threat plastics pose to marine ecosystems.
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Bahram Sadeghi - TV Producer (Amsterdam)

 Article 1000 Days of Plastic Project. TV Producer Bahram Sadeghi (Amsterdam) speaks to inventor Blair Jollimore and researcher Marcus Eriksen about the problem of plastics and microplastics in our environment.
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ABC News Station (Sydney, Australia)

Video: Micro-Plastics
A look into marine life in the US and Australia to examine what plastics escape household drains and what kind of damage they do. Watch for the Lint LUV-R at 17:57.
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The Guardian (UK national newspaper)

How your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply.
New studies show that alarming numbers of tiny fibers from synthetic fabrics are making their way from your washing machine into aquatic animals.
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New York Times (USA National Newspaper)

What comes out in the washNew York Times opinion piece by researcher Mark Browne on the perils of synthetic microplastic fibres from clothes laundering.
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CBC (Canadian National News Station)

 Canada is one step closer to a federal ban on microbeads. Microbeads are not harmful but once they are washed down the drain. They are so small that they can make it through most water treatment plants.
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Outside Online Magazine

The Invisible Nightmare in Your Fleece. Washing a single polyester jacket can send 1,900 tiny synthetic micro-fibers into waterways, where they can soak up toxins and get eaten by fish.
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Films For Action

This 2-minute short takes on plastic microbeads.
We show how microbeads are actually designed to go down the drain and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans… and what folks like us can do to stop this ridiculous assault on our public waters.
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