dot Made of stainless steel mesh with hole diameters of 0.0625 inches.
dot Backpressure is less than 5 lbs per square inch after a month of average usage (household of four).
dot Filter action is dynamic, meaning that as the filter collects lint, it becomes more efficient. The trapped lint acts as a filter itself.
dot Requires cleaning approximately once every 3 weeks (household of four).
Filter bowl and hoses
Clear for visibility.
Inlet and outlet ports
1-inch diameter with hose barb connections.
Lint LUV-R comes in a kit with:
dot 3 feet of 1-inch hose
dot 3 stainless steel clamps
dot 1-inch hose connector
dot 2 U-shaped clamps
dot screws for mounting
dot installation instructions
dot helpful tips
dot Approximately 16 – 18 inches above the washing machine, under a shelf or cabinet.
dot Optional angle-mounting bracket is available for mounting on a wall if a shelf or cabinet is not present near the washing machine.
dotOverall length = 12.75 inches
dotOverall width including fittings = 10 inches
dotFilter Bowl Diameter = 3.25 inches
dotTop Mounting Housing = 5 inches square
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