Sample Product Reviews From Satisfied Customers Over The Past 12 Years
Kevin Kriegbaum - Niantic, Connecticut, USA (April 2015)
I received the Lint LUV-R washing machine filter kit with the wall mount in the mail the other day. I installed it over the weekend, and it works perfectly. I was impressed with the completeness of the kit and quality of the product. Usually when it comes to plumbing I need to make at least one trip to the hardware store to pick up some fitting or miscellaneous item, but your kit came with everything I needed Ė no extra trips necessary. As quality goes, I can already tell that your product is something that will work well for a number of years to come. You provide a truly exceptional product; keep up the outstanding work.

Jacqueline Gilliam - Sandston, Virginia, USA (January 2015)
I wanted to say thank you for this fabulous product!

Over the recent holidays, I went four days without the use of my kitchen sink or washing machine because my drain pipes were clogged.

In the old days, my top load washer had a lint trap that I cleaned every two or three loads and I was surprised to discover there was no lint trap in my front load washer. There is a filter to keep debris out of the machine mechanics, but that filter doesnít trap the lint/hair from each load of laundry.

I have five pets and then there are the humans. I wash at least a load of laundry a day. After spending $400 in plumbing fees, I stumbled upon, ordered and installed your product. After only two washer loads, the filter was astonishingly successful and I was pleased to empty and clean the debris. Iím astonished that this product is not required by all front load washing machine manufacturers in the absence of built-in filters, regardless of septic or government waste processing.

I truly anticipate 20 more years of unclogged pipes.

Michael Hiles - Beaconsville, Quebec, Canada (June 2012)
Many thanks for sending me your filter system.  I have to say this is an outstanding product. It is beautifully made, easy to install and use, and I anticipate it will save me a small fortune by avoiding an unnecessary weeping field replacement.  I am also very impressed by your trusting approach to business.

Bob Morrison - Westminster, Colorado, USA (April 2012)
Wow, I can't believe the amount of lint your filter removes.  And removal and cleaning is a snap. A quality engineered product.  Thank you, sure glad I bought your product and not some of the other stuff out there.

Steve & Mina Busby - Oroville, California, USA (September 2010)
When my wife & I bought our new house back in 2009, our escrow agent's husband owned a septic tank cleaning business. She told us how important it was to keep the tank clean by filtering out, or not introducing into the tank, undesirable items and by not using additives, bleach, or the garbage disposal. Within the first year of our owning the home, I did a search on how to maintain a septic system, since this was my first, and came across your website. Once I understood how much damage washing machine debris can cause to a septic system, your filter made perfect sense to me. I had no idea how much debris could enter the tank from the washing machine until I purchased this. Since purchasing this filter in 2010, I have found out. It has been working perfectly for three years now and we couldn't be happier!

Mr. & Mrs. Wendorf - Rosholt, Wisconsin, USA (June 2010)
Just want to say that your lint filter does exactly as you say it does.  We've had this for over a year now, and there aren't any problems with it at all.  The filter cleans easily, and does a great job of keeping the lint out of the septic system.  We highly recommend this product.

Aruna Patal - Hanover, Maryland, USA (January 2008)
We bought Lint LUV-R Machine Discharge Filter from you two years ago. We are very happy with the filter. It works very efficiently. The filter is very sturdy and very easy to use. My husband is an electrical engineer. He is very impressed with the design and the work of the filter. It traps all lint from clothes. Before Lint LUV-R, I had sewage blockage which was very expensive. This product is worth every penny.

Thank you for brilliant product.

Paul & Shelayne Hanson - Montague Gold Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada (January 2005)
I am writing this letter to express the satisfaction we feel from the installation of our "lint catcher" for our washing machine. Blair Jollimore (Environmental Enhancements) installed this innovative product for us and it has been great!

Living outside the city means we have a septic system and lint getting into this system is always a concern. We never realized how much lint actually came from the washing machine after washes. The "lint catcher" traps the lint in a very easy to clean filter and this means it doesn't get to the septic system. We have seen the results of too much lint getting into a septic system – the system was completely clogged and it had backed up into the house. The system had to be dug up and fixed at great expense.

We have had our septic system cleaned since the installation of the "lint catcher" and we were told there were no lint concerns in our system. In short, we highly recommend Blair's product. His extensive knowledge of the product also was a factor in our decision to purchase this system.

Tara MacDonald - Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada (May 2004)
I have been using the Lint-Luv-R for at least a year. Prior to this system, I had tried another lint filter on the market. This lint filter was difficult to install, hard to maintain, and much more expensive then the Lint-Luv-R. The high maintenance was due to a mesh filter, which had to be cleaned after only 3 washes. Twice I had the canister cap blow off and spray water all over my laundry room (this is what happens when you forget to clean the mesh filter). In contrast, the Lint-Luv-R has a stainless steel filter which can go roughly 3 weeks without cleaning. I never have to worry about water pressure going through the canister and popping the lid off. I don't have to replace the filter, and above all it's much easier to clean. I would highly recommend this system for it's ease of use, price, and above all it can save you lots of money from having septic problems in the future. Happy washing!

Kathleen Johnson - Environmental Engineer, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada (April 2003)
My job has provided me with the opportunity to see first hand the effects of self-cleaning lint filters from automatic washing machines on septic systems. Lint from automatic washing machines which are labeled self-cleaning now goes into your septic system. This lint will not settle out and remains in suspension until it clogs the sand and pipes in the distribution fields causing it to fail. I have personally witnessed a 2-year-old system, which had to be completely replaced because of lint. As such when I learned of your product, I was anxious to try it. As you know I purchased your lint filter system in 2003 and connected it to my own septic system. I have found it removes the lint, which would normally end up in the distribution field, saving the system from failure.

I would recommend your product to everyone who has an on-site sewage disposal system.
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