Competitive Advantages
Lint LUV-R has numerous advantages over other filters:
dot Durable stainless steel construction Cost chart Lint LUV-R Filter
dot No awkward hose connections
dot Top will never pop off or leak
dot No moving parts
dot Larger filter means less frequent cleaning
dot Easy 1/8th turn to access filter makes cleaning fast & simple
dot Compact design & aluminum bracket kit allow for mounting virtually anywhere
dot Reusable filter + No maintenance costs = Best value on the market
dot No bypass Lint LUV-R is designed to handle any increase in pressure and will never let lint into your septic system, even if you forget to clean it
dot 5 year replacement guarantee on filter housing  
dot Lifetime guarantee on screen  
dot Personal service and support  
The original Lint LUV-R prototype designed in 2001 has been in continuous use for 12 years with no maintenance or replacement costs.
Lint LUV-R is a LAUNCH Systems Challenge 2013.  Read more
Launch 2013 Challenge
"Benign by Design" Project
Top 10 Innovation bid partner
Over 2000 of our units are in service across the globe.

Proactively protect your septic investment and the health of your environment with Lint LUV-R.
dotRead more about the environmental impact of synthetic fibres
Lint filters are promoted by Clean Nova Scotia and recommended by Nova Scotia Department of the Environment.
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