About the Lint LUV-R Filter
Designed and manufactured in Canada, Lint LUV-R is a durable filter housing containing a reusable stainless steel screen. Its simple and effective design facilitates quick, easy cleaning.
Lint LUV-R prevents septic system failure by removing lint and untreatable synthetic solids from washing machine discharge. The filter easily mounts under a cabinet or shelf, or to a wall, next to the washing machine. The washing machine discharge hose adapts to the inlet port of the Lint LUV-R. Discharge passes through the filter to the outlet port, leaving behind lint on the outside of the screen. A hose directs the filtered discharge from the outlet port into the washing machine drainpipe and on to the septic system. The clear filter bowl and drain hose allow you to see the filter in operation.
Once the filter bowl is visually obstructed by lint, it's time for cleaning. With a household of four, cleaning is necessary about once every 3 weeks. The filter bowl is easily lowered with a 1/8th counterclockwise turn. The stainless steel screen can then be lowered from the housing and removed from the filter bowl. Lint is removed from the outside of the screen and discarded. Once everything has been wiped clean, the screen can be placed back into the filter bowl, raised to the housing and pushed back into place. Rotate the bowl 1/8th turn clockwise and it will lock into place a lock indicator mark shows that you've got it properly in place.

dotPlease refer to the Specifications and Cleaning / Installation Instructions for more specific details.
Lint filters are promoted by Clean Nova Scotia and recommended by Nova Scotia Department of the Environment.
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