Lint LUV-R Washing Machine Discharge Filter

Protect your plumbing, septic system and marine environments by removing lint & microplastics from your washing machine discharge.
Lint LUV-R filter
items all included
dot Compact, durable design
dot Easy to install & clean
dot Stainless steel
dot Reuseable
dot No maintenance costs
dot 5 year guarantee
dot Best value on the market
Lint LUV-R Solutions
Use this innovative product to:
dot Protect plumbing & septic systems from blockages
dot Screen out synthetic microplastic fibers
dot Filter solids from greywater
Lint LUV-R Solutions
Competitive Advantages
Lint LUV-R has numerous advantages over other filters:
dot Durable stainless steel construction
dot No awkward hose connections
dot No moving parts
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Only $140
Lint LUV-R filter
dot We ship anywhere in the world
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