Lint LUV-R Washing Machine Discharge Filter

Lint is not just in your dryer. Protect your investment and remove lint from your washing machine discharge before it clogs up your septic system!
Lint LUV-R filter
items all included
dot Compact, durable design
dot Easy to install & clean
dot Stainless steel
dot Reuseable
dot No maintenance costs
dot 5 year guarantee
dot Best value on the market
Lint LUV-R Solutions
Use this innovative product to:
dot Protect your septic system from expensive blockages
dot Prevent septic and sewage pumps from failing prematurely
dot Avoid blocking drainpipes
Lint LUV-R Solutions
Competitive Advantages
Lint LUV-R has numerous advantages over other filters:
dot Durable stainless steel construction
dot No awkward hose connections
dot No moving parts
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Only $140
Lint LUV-R filter
dot We ship anywhere in the world
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